Dealing With Negative Blog Comments

If your blog can be seen by the general public, the day will come when you are going to get an offensive, hurtful, totally uncalled for blog. We all know people some people can be negative and rude when they aren’t face to face with you. Don’t let these comments get to you. First of all, step back from your computer. Take a deep breath, maybe two or three and do not reply with the first thing that comes to mind. Most of these people are trying to get you all riled up in hopes that you will say something that you will regret later. Be the mature person. Realize they get off on making you angry and upset. Usually this is their goal and they can’t wait to see what kind of a fool you will make of yourself for the entire world to see. Remember once you reply those words are out there in cyberspace somewhere and they are out there forever.

But don’t ignore the comments either, just don’t attack back or get defensive, and definitely to do not delete their comment. Deleting will only let them know how unhappy you are and that you have apparently done something wrong. The one exception to this is if their comment contains curse words or other offensive language. In that case make sure you take a screen shot of the conversation and file it away in case anything else progresses.

This is hard sometimes because they have really hit a nerve but instead of retaliating try to engage the person who made the comment and ask them how you could have done things differently. Never apologize