Inside The Literary World of Mr. Ben


Inside the Literary World of Mr. Ben…

The epitome of an evolving persona of expressed literary greatness
emerges from the fruits he has to offer. His works have touched
virtually all connects of the literary world-fiction and non-fiction.
In his unique literary world, he unveils his author bio, written
works, affiliations, availability of his ‘supplementary articles’,
writing experience, synopses of his written and completed works and
his contact details.

His works cut across all spheres of life-educational, relationship,
business, relationship/marriage, Christian,
inspirational/motivational, philosophy, science, adventure, sci-fi,
adult, western, young adult and so on.

Living in his world has not being easy: his works have unequivocally
faced untold number of rejections from various professionals-literary
agents, publishers and even journal bodies. Nonetheless, his
unrelenting character had made him continually improve the state of
his world by advancing his writing craft. As a matter, the
discouragement resulting from several rejections has made the aspiring
author write more works, thereby expanding his world of literary

In agreement with the assertion, “no man is an island”, the author has
been encouraged by a number of people- friends, family members,
associates and well-wishers. Frankly, without these people, the author
wouldn’t know how far he’d travel in his literary journey!
“Inside the Literary World of Mr. Ben” simply showcases the works of
Mr. Ben had painstakingly written over the years; a result of
diligence and sacrifices made. It is a platform where the bulk of the
author’s marketing would take place.

I want to say a big "thank you" to ebg247 for seeing the potential in me and exposing to the literary world!